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“A Look Inside ThirdLove’s New San Francisco Office” February, 2019


We wanted the entire office to act as a backdrop for a spontaneous brand shoot, so there is ample natural light and photo-ready vignettes throughout the three-floored space. Everything—down to the hand-chosen light fixtures—is unique and crafted by local San Franciscan artisans and makers.


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“Great Office Design Can Improve Team Collaboration and Morale. Here Are 5 Ideas to Boost Your Space” 2019


Before the big move, the design team of Bart Chin and Kendall Ermshar came into our old office to spend time learning how everyone worked together. So when planning the layout of our new office, they were able to optimize our normal workflow to make sure it was efficient.

It's really about keeping the office clean, organized, and welcoming. Why let the little things bring stress to a space you've worked so hard to design?

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"Stella & Dot finds domestic bliss at new Brisbane HQ" Feb 2018


Herrin had a distinct vision for the space. She was looking for function as much as form and wanted to make sure she found a design partner who would really think about how her team works and collaborates. So she chose Kendall Ermshar Design, with offices in Napa and Oakland. The firm was recommended by Minted founder Mariam Naficy after having designed the online design marketplace’s retail pop-up in San Francisco. To start, Ermshar and his design team sat in Stella & Dot’s office for an entire week to get an understanding of Herrin’s vision and what the team needed in an office space.

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When Minted — the online marketplace for crowdsourced stationery, art and home decor — completed a redesign of its San Francisco headquarters last year, a spot was carved out to showcase merchandise and “bring our products to life,” explains founder and CEO Mariam Naficy. “There was such a positive response from employees and visitors to our office, we wanted as many people as possible to experience that.”

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Mariam Naficy, Founder and CEO of Minted, asks an important question: why do people make offices feel like offices? We wish we had the answer. If we spend so much of our lives at work, why is it that office décor is so uninspired? Say what you will about the startup culture, they are the ones challenging this conundrum. Minted, the startup stationery company turned worldwide e-marketplace for all things design, is one of those companies setting the bar high for beautiful workspaces. The brand has settled into a 36,000-square-foot space for their 150 employees—a space that’ll give any ordinary office a run for their money.

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Our Minted office design featured on TechCrunch Cribs in November 2015:

"CEO Mariam pulled in KE Design founder and interior designer Kendall Ermshar to work on Minted’s look. Ermshar has designed a few tech founder’s residential areas around Silicon Valley. He wouldn’t name names, but has worked on Naficy’s home. 

Naficy wanted Minted to have a comfortable, homey feel. She and Ermshar worked together on creating a space that truly felt that way for employees. You’ll see pillows, faux fur and soft rugs mixed in with dark leather couches and gorgeous lighting to create the look. Also, note the sheen of the copper wall greeting visitors at Minted’s front desk."

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